Bede’s Christmas Cricket Camp

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Bedes Senior School BN27 3QH

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Discounted THREE FULL day tickets only available to purchase up to and including 17th December 2021............ Individual day tickets available until 22nd December

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Three Days 20th-22nd Dec
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Per Ticket Price: £120.00
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Per Ticket Price: £45.00
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Event F.A.Q

What should my child wear to a holiday camp?

Players are encouraged to wear comfortable trainers and PE type clothing, club kit is acceptable if preferred. Players can bring their own kit if they have this, which may now include sanitizer and tissues. (No kit sharing) Please ensure that your child brings weather relevant clothing for the duration of the event. At some venues, we cannot guarantee that there will be indoor facilities if the weather changes to rain from sunshine. Children should wear hats in sunny weather and apply their own sun cream, please ensure this is in their kit bag

What can be included in a kit bag?

Kit bag essentials can include the following, helmet. (Most cricketers at every level now wear a helmet while batting (hardballs) and any player under the age of 18 must wear one as standard) Pads. Abdo guard. Gloves. Cricket Bat in addition to spare shirt and or trousers/shorts. Trainers. Rain wear. Sun hat. Medication. Please ensure that any item you do bring is suitably labelled with your childs name.

Should I bring food to the camp?

At all day events, it is essential to send your child with a packed lunch and plenty to drink throughout the day. If a child arrives without lunch, we will endeavour to supply this from local sources, (should you be unable to supply one later in the morning). We will request payment of £10 to cover this. For half day events, your child should still bring plenty to drink and perhaps a small snack to last until lunch time.

What happens to my medication at a camp?

If your child uses an inhaler, please ensure that they have this with them at all times, please inform a duty coach on arrival, so that reminders of usage can be given at break times. No member of Skillz Sports Academy Ltd will administer any type of medication to a child, but we do need to know on arrival if they are due to be taking any form of medication during the camp.

Can my child still attend if they have a cold?

If any member of the family is showing signs of illness, i.e. unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, please DO NOT attend our session/event, but follow the Government guidelines. Please inform Skillz Sports Academy at the earliest if you are unable to attend due to illness. Refunds are only available in these circumstances

What time should my child arrive at the camp?

Registration commences at 9am promptly, (or as advertised on individual event) we ask that you and your child adhere to Government advice on distancing, a coach will collect your player from the meeting point, generally in the car park of the venue attending. Please do not leave your child unattended in the meeting areas. Parents are asked not to congregate in car-parks after dropping off players. We ask that you arrive punctually at the end of each session to collect your player.

What happens if I am late to collect my child after a camp?

If you know you are running late (it does happen sometimes) please ensure that you contact us as soon as possible via text or Instagram to advise your estimated time of arrival. We will look after your child until you arrive. If you are later than 30minutes, a late fee of £5 per every 15 minutes will be chargeable, (except in exceptional circumstances.) Persisitant lateness from a parent, may result in dismissal of your child from the event.

What should I do if I beleive my child is being treated unfairly at the camp?

In the first instance please discuss any situation of unfairness with your coach, if you do not feel this appropriate or the coach has been unable to help in your situation, please forward any complaints to who will forward it to our safeguarding/welfare officer Simon Naish. Additionally, all players are asked to show respect to the coaches and their peers. Any misbehaviour may be reported to parents by phone and could result in dismissal from the remainder of the event. No refunds will be given in such circumstances

Event Location:

  • Bedes Senior School BN27 3QH